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tv   [untitled]    July 15, 2010 4:23pm-4:30pm PST

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clean on -- city college on what if anything that we could do to -- to make sure that those children out there, those parents have a place to be. we cannot -- our commission cannot be seen at this point in time as -- as not being sensitive to the needs of that -- that group. so i want us to commit today to work with them. to make sure that this is not seen as an out and out displacement of an important group in the city. >> what we should have commenced these conversations earlier, can i tell you that -- we -- >> i can't believe we didn't have a plan. >> we did commence the conversations internally actually within the department
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about alternative locations for city college. i -- it is premature to tell you exactly which locations they are. we want to do the appropriate outreach with the communities to find out whether it would be a good match. we did want to find some place nearby. we were investigating with our attorney general, whether we could built it -- build it into the cost system. they're things we were thinking about. it was because -- this is happening somewhat quickly. we weren't prepared to talk about it today, it is a priority for the department and those conversations have begun. commissioner? commissioner levitan: i want to add on. i feel the same way, i have excerpts but at the same time my feeling is if city college at the time -- felt strongly, they could be responsive with the contact we initiated with them. i think we're trying to do the right thing for the users of that program. it would have been nice for city college to care as well. >> and some -- sometimes you don't know what you have until cure about to -- you're about to
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lose it. >> i want to reiterate our commitment to the city college. we -- we very much share a mission. you know, city college is also in the recreation business quite frankly and there's a hot of simbi yose sis? in terms of shared space and instruction. we have a broad commitment to work with city college. and we'll absolutely continue those discussions. we have -- as you know, we have lots of facilities where we're in a position where we need programming. we'll work in the neighborhood, and perhaps in new neighborhoods and communities to try to keep this program going. i am -- with respect to this particular program just so you understand that there really were some -- a lot of significant back and forth, over
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-- over a -- two-year period actually and you know, i don't know that you need more discussion. if you do, the individual in the room that has the most continuity is our deputy director of operations skearns. there's a lot in the file to show that we have been engaging for a long time with city cleem on this particular issue. >> let me ask a question. i don't know if it is more appropriate to ask a city college or staff. do we have other locations where city college provides this service in san francisco? >> maybe city college could answer that. >> let me ask city clean that. city college that. >> we have had e-mail exchanges over the past two years. i have been the department chair for three years. when i started as chair, we were actually in -- in nine park and rec facilities if san francisco
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providing child observation services. when -- i have had, i dealt with three different park and rec directors and -- so -- and terry schwartz and folks that are not available right now, who i have met with. so communication has been challenging. i feel like i have been to meetings with someone and then -- >> you had nine lobes. what happened to those nine locations? >> there's also been a concurrent movement on -- on -- the -- the behalf of park and rec to provide fee for service programming at different facilities. i would say two of the facilities specifically mission rec center and eureka where we had a multiple day programming, we were actually in conflict with fee for service programming at park and rec. our -- our classes are rhea and again they're not for the children, they're for the parents. this is parent education and they are free.
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so when there's a free program for parents with children, operating next door to a fee for service program, there -- there can be a youth conflict. we -- we were -- we were requested that we leave ins i have been chair at west portal, we were at west portal. we were asked to leave because there was programming going in this. >> programming. i guess -- >> our services were cut back at eureka because they were -- they were in competition with the service programming. mission rec. we attempted to provide services at jolie and because we are funded through -- through a portion -- apportionment through a.d.a. we didn't have the numbers after a three month commitment to maintain that section. >> there have been a variety of reasons, part with rec and park
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looking for fee for service operators. >> correct. >> i guess my first observation about that is -- this trend has been going on for a while. this isn't new to city college. but -- be that as it may, the question that i was getting at is the service you're roadwaying is that to serve a geographic area or anybody in the city. what is the practical experience of that? >> we primarily serve the neighborhood. many family dos walk and -- and come from the immediate neighborhood, although we're open and free to any parent who brings a kiled, the parent enrolls as a student. and they're able to participate